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Why Upgrade – Making the Case for a Microsoft AX Upgrade

By Carl Boutin | November 21, 2019

Is your company stuck? Are you now discovering the importance of having your technology grow as your company grows? It’s not always an easy realization to those kinds of questions, but when you start to notice that perhaps your current ERP system is becoming outdated, then the solution of upgrading becomes clear.

Think about the current effectiveness of your AX system. While it may be doing the job for you now, is it doing everything that more current systems are doing? Business processes evolve and software should evolve with it and not remain static. Your system may be able to crank out the needs of your business but it may be at the expense of you bending to the needs of the software to get it done.

Think about your computer at work – it’s functioning fine as it is, you think why stop what you’re doing, take the time to close everything down and perform a lengthy update on the software? That incessant notification constantly pops up but you think to yourself, I don’t have that kind of time or storage (most likely) to deal with it; my device works for me now, and I don’t need it. That kind of thinking is understandable, however, let’s say a colleague updates theirs and while yours remains functional to your needs, you notice that your coworker now has a new widget that’s extremely nifty in their everyday use at work. Updating software is a necessary act in order to remain current. Your competition is most likely up to date, so what does that mean for your business? 

3 reasons to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations:

  1. Microsoft Azure Cloud Based – Grow, grow, grow with a flexible cloud-based ERP solution.

  2. Ability to access from anywhere using a browser – See real time information so you can operate efficiently.

  3. Visualizing data on dashboards – Easily access reports and inquires.

Your enterprise has certain objectives and with Dynamics 365 F&O the flexibility and customization to suit your business needs is there. Interested in taking advantage of the significant functional advancements of D365 F&O?

Download this free guide to learn everything you want to know about migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009, or 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Ultimate Upgrade Guide

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