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Why Customer Experience is the Biggest Revolution in Customer Service

By Jennifer Alspach | June 20, 2017

"The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” ~ Jerry Gregoire, former Chief Information Officer of Dell Computers.

There seems to be a lot of confusion between the terms “customer service” and “customer experience,” which are often used interchangeably. However, even though the two terms are related, they don’t mean the same thing. In fact, customer service is just a minute part of the highly complex customer experience equation.

Customer Experience - the Bigger Picture

In other words, while customer service focuses on single instances of employees providing service to customers, customer experience represents the sum of all interactions a customer has with a company over the course of their relationship. This includes the moment a customer first learned about the company, purchased and/or used its products or services, interacted with different departments, representatives, and so on.

All of these interactions (a.k.a touch points) are what shapes a customer’s perception of the company and ultimately affects its bottom line.

Customer Service Evolution

As modern business environments and technologies continued to evolve over time, with more and more brands and service providers competing for customer attention, the idea of customer service evolved with them.

Companies and business executives realized that, in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, they need to look at their customers from a broader perspective, understanding their needs, wants, emotions and expectations.

As a result, over the past few years, the idea of customer experience has taken the front seat in the business strategies of companies large and small across a multitude of industries.

To gather, organize and share this valuable knowledge across all departments, companies use powerful customer experience management and business intelligence software, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Tools for Success

Studies show that businesses that invest in such tools become better at:

  • Engaging their customers
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction
  • Fostering customer loyalty
  • Increasing revenues
  • Improving overall business results.

In fact, the award-winning team at Edgewater Fullscope recently published an eBook, which further explains why customer experience matters and what today’s businesses and C-suite leaders can do to improve it.

You can read and download this free eBook below:

3 Tactical Tips to Improve Customer Experience for Professional Service Firms

About Jennifer Alspach

Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.


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