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Why Aventics Selected Microsoft Dynamics

By Patrick Lewis | February 20, 2018

Those of you that follow me know that I do not believe that a company's CRM initiative will succeed or fail based on the software they choose to implement.  In my experience, success is tied more to HOW you implement and what you do after your system is live.

All the software works to some extent - the question is will it work for your business.  You want to consider things like simplicity, flexibility, and the product roadmap, in addition to many other factors.  Your goal is time to value, right?  How quickly can you get a system that your team will use implemented that will deliver value AND give you room to grow as your business needs evolve?

Larry Bowers, the Global CRM Project Leader at Aventics, was kind enough to share some of the reasons they chose Microsoft Dynamics after an intensive selection process.  As you might recall, Larry had been involved in many CRM initiatives previously, so he had strong feelings about what was going to work for them.

Microsoft had a few advantages from the start:

  1. Aventics was already a Microsoft shop and was in the midst of plans to move the organization to Office 365 and other new technologies.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was already in place. Although not widely adopted, they had an on premise version that worked with an in-house CRM Administrator that was previously established.

In Larry's own words;

"We had CRM in place with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. We also had several regions where people were already familiar with it, so we chose to continue our relationship with Microsoft Dynamics products. In addition, we were already running on Microsoft Technology, and had plans to move to the cloud, so Microsoft Dynamics was a natural fit."

Now on Dynamics 365 for Sales, CRM has already impacted the entire business in positive ways with new requests coming in from different business units regularly.  The journey is certainly not over, but by focusing on the right things at the right stage in their evolution CRM is rapidly becoming the mission critical application that leadership envisioned.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM has allowed Aventics to drive technology to a new level and helped us to improve levels of collaboration and sharing across the business. CRM has provided us a common language across locations in 21 countries - some of them who do not use English as a first language."

This post was based on several conversations I had with Larry at a planning session for the next phase of their initiative.  To hear more watch the video.


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