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What a CEO Loves About Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

By Adam Spurr | April 18, 2018

The IT and professional services industries are growing at forever increasing rates, meaning leaders within the IT field face just as many challenges in order to best fulfill their company’s success. We caught-up with a valuable customer of ours, Paul Sweeney, Executive Chairman of ANS, as Paul reflected on what he feels are the greatest modern day challenges concerning IT businesses and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has played a pivotal part in providing ANS with a powerful CRM service that not only facilitated his sales team, but assisted in continuing to grow the company.

Paul says; ''The new Dynamic CRM system, is a revelation for the management team''

Growing Pains

ANS are a cloud service provider who help companies with their platforms and networks. Just like the majority of start-up companies, ANS began as a small organization, with only three initial employees working back in 1996 when they were founded. Starting with ‘3 people in a bedroom, since then, ANS have seen their staff grow at an impressive 20% rate year on year with 300 people 20 years later’ These numbers highlight a very succesfull company, but clearly there have been inevitable business challenges to remain operationally and resourcefully sufficient. With significant growth also comes growing pains and to help achieve key business outcomes ANS looked at how Dynamics 365 CRM could solve them, and worked with Fullscope to implement their CRM 3 years ago. We captured Paul talking about the massive growth and ANS story so far in CRM. 

Watch the ANS success story: 


''Our performance over the last 3 years if you look at our top line, we’ve grown in the region of 40% and if you look at our bottom line our EBIT diary is now 11 million and that’s an 80% growth just over the last 3 years.'' Paul Sweeny, Chairman ANS

CEO’s top 3 challenges

  • Technology – ‘keeping up with technology, it’s moving so fast, which in turn creates new challenges of how do we find new customers and how do we get net growth out of the market place’ 


  • Skills – ‘Two is keeping up with the skills and how we train our people. That’s why we’ve got an apprentice academy so we can bring skills in and train our own people in the right technologies which are different than they were 5 years ago. It’s all about cloud, it’s all about AWS, it’s all about Azure; so we are completely re-skilling’


  • Technology – Three is technology again, ‘There’s so much alert, so much information that’s available from the system now, so how do we weigh through that and get to the right information so we can help the customer’

What does a CEO love about Dynamics 365 CRM?

Paul didn’t hesitate when asked this question. Firstly, he emphasized his love for how accessible Dynamics is, with its ability to function on desktop, tablet and on mobile. This of course means you can access CRM at any time and any place necessary to ensure total responsiveness when key business activity is occurring and improved productivity for the sales team.

Secondly, Paul loves how Dynamics has provided transparency between himself and his sales team. As a chairman of a business, it is absolutely imperative to be able to view the status of deals and share relationships with customers. Paul and the executive team can see the real time health of the business at any time of day and this allows them to react swiftly when making key business decisions. 

CEO’s words of advice when reviewing CRM

‘So my advice to people looking at a new CRM right now is to look for something that's easy to use because it’s got to be easy for the sales guys, easy to configure and to change and to develop.’ - Paul Sweeney.

Interested in following in the successful footsteps of Paul Sweeney?

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