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Visual Learning Helps – How the Corporate Training Program Leads to CRM Adoption

By Sydney Stoner | August 9, 2018

Your company has just implemented a CRM system, great! But do you have a solid strategy on how your employees will use this new software and become a high performing organization? To be successful, your team needs an effective training program that allows users to retain more than just a small percentage of information. The question is, what type of training and how do you deliver it?

Organizations where technology has made an impact on how people operate day to day (especially when it comes to retaining information) initially rely on user friendly software but add on training as that software becomes more complex for users. For those in leadership, the ultimate goal when training employees is user adoption. And as the workplace is transforming and more millennials are flowing in, companies should be keeping up with their preferred method of communication so that they can properly adopt a new system– but what is that exactly?

According to TechSmith.com, millennials especially prefer more visual forms of communication. They revealed the statistic that, people understand and perform better when visuals are included, especially for complex ideas. According to the TechSmith study, their research reveals lack of visual communications threaten productivity and engagement levels — and not just with millennials, but with workers of all ages. In other words, everyone benefits from more visual communications.

TechSmith.com communication statistic1.  Why is the Corporate Training Program necessary to become a high performing organization (HPO)?

The corporate training program is a learning platform that gives users 24/7 access to video based lessons. Learners can access the training on virtually any device due to the responsive design of the LMS. The CTP also comes with clear learning paths for users to complete as they become more comfortable with the system. Plus, with updated and new content, companies will be able to give users the ability to refresh their learning at any time.

2. What can users expect from this training program?

Users can expect to see a mix of video content and labs. Our video content is almost always 7 minutes or less. This means that each video usually only goes over one specific topic (i.e. creating accounts). This will help users in two ways. 1) it is easy to take the training as you can watch a single video at a time without worrying about losing your place. 2) it is also easy to refer back to a specific video when you need a refresher. Plus, with the search capability on all our courses you will be able to quickly keyword search a topic and be sent to the course that contains that topic. We also have lab activities that can either be completed in your company’s environment or via a simulated environment.

3. How does this material appeal to more visual/hands-on learners?

As our main content is video based, users can stop and re-watch the videos as many times as they need to understand a concept. And of course the labs, when taken in the simulated environment, will give users instant feedback to let them know if they are correct or make a mistake.

Want to learn more? Watch this video on D365 University training program options. Discover how to become a high performing organization through our training programs. 

About Sydney Stoner

As an E-Learning and Media Specialist Sydney works with Fullscope's training department to create all of the Dynamics365 University courses and custom video content for clients. Sydney has extensive experience training and helping customers increase user adoption amongst their employees.


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