New Solution Release: Territory Management Version 1.0.0 for Microsoft Dynamics

New Solution Release: Territory Management Version 1.0.0 for Microsoft Dynamics

About the Solution

Fullscope has released version 1.0.0 of the Territory Management Solution, which adds a robust set of territory management features for account, contact, and lead records in CRM, allowing territories to be defined by ZIP/post code ranges, cities, states, and countries, uniformly or in combination with different territories defined by different levels of specificity.Records can be assigned in bulk, on demand, individually as they are created, or as part of any workflow process on a given account, contact, or lead record.

Assignment can be down by ownership, sharing, or access teams.

Sample Use Cases

  • A new salesperson is brought on board and a new territory created for her, adjusting existing territories, and all open leads needs to be realigned with these new territories. In this case, the Territory Management solution would have a ruleset created and then applied to all open leads using an on-demand workflow, to easily accomplish the realignment.
  • A large set of new leads is going to be imported into CRM and needs to be assigned to reps based on territories. In this case, a workflow would be set to run on create of new leads and assign each one. The import would then trigger this workflow and all leads would be correctly assigned in one step.
  • A salesperson leaves the company and is replaced. The new rep needs to be added to the access team for all the old rep's accounts. In this case, the relevant territory rule definitions would be updated with the new rep's user account replacing the old in the access team list, and then run on all applicable records using an on-demand workflow. This would replace the old rep on the access teams without impacting any other users.

Interested in how you can implement this solution for your organization?

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