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The Power of Connected Insights - Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution

By Natasha Spurr | May 23, 2018

Microsoft and LinkedIn offer solutions that connect previously disconnected business data into a well-structured form that facilitates reasoning over it. The solution 'Microsoft Relationship Sales' combines the world’s leading CRM solution with the worlds leading professional networking platform. Bringing all these systems together means organizations can finally rise above the noise and make intelligent decisions.  

  • Imagine LinkedIn profiles and network integrated into Microsoft Outlook and the Office Suite.
  • Imagine having necessary context regarding people and companies integrated into your productivity tools.
  • Imagine transforming the sales cycle with actionable insights and the ability for each seller to build deeper relationships with prospects and customers--all to accelerate results.
This is what The Power of Connected Insights looks like:

The power of connected insights

There are many ways where bringing the professional network, LinkedIn, with your core data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help transform how work happens in your workplace. LinkedIn and Microsoft product integrations, Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution will enhance companies ability to transform and scale their organization by working smarter. 

Fullscope's goal is to help create more connected, intelligent, productive experiences that deliver customer value. 


About Natasha Spurr

Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.


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