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Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level with CRM + LinkedIn

By Alison Parker | June 5, 2018

How strong are the relationships you’ve built while prospecting and interacting with customers? Take a minute to think about the amount of time and effort that went into starting those relationships and how many systems you’ve worked through to determine all the information you need stemming from one name. Now imagine how much easier that process would be if you could utilize those systems in a unified way. 

Connected Systems for CRM

Systems like — CRM, email, as well as social networks can all be brought together in order to more quickly build insight on new relationships. As a result of that connectivity, relationships created will in turn be more relevant and focused. This is exactly the edge that sales executives need in order to better build new relationships that yield high quality leads and customer relationships. All this can happen with just a few clicks and minimal effort inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  

If you’re unfamiliar with what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is, it’s a great sales tool for prospecting and insights. This tool dramatically improves the way salespeople do business. 

Watch this demo, presented through the Fullscope Dealer Equipment Solution, to see how organizations can effectively manage prospects and customer relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn.

 How Equipment Dealers take Customer Engagement to the Next Level with CRM + LinkedIn 


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About Alison Parker

Alison has a strong background in project management, giving her the ability to really understand her customer’s business. With over 20 years dedicated to customer success through technologies like CRM, she brings both technical and analytical skills to help customers structure their business objectives into actionable outcomes.


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