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Trends in Healthcare: An Interview with Microsoft

By Mary Bradley | December 9, 2019
When it comes to the healthcare industry, caring for patients is one the highest priorities for any organization – big or small. Ensuring that patient experience is top tier, and that agents and emplo[...]

Sharpen Agent Focus with Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

By Ruston Eads | November 26, 2019
Microsoft Power Virtual Agent adds automated chat capability for handling front-line interactions which are often in the form of routine questions related to your business. Think of Microsoft Power Vi[...]

Dynamics 365 Marketing – 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Stephani McDowell | November 25, 2019
Since the launch of Dynamics 365 for Marketing – a marketing automation solution that helps businesses turn more prospects into business relationships – more and more organizations have adopted this a[...]

Dynamics 365 Field Service – 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Chad Weiner | November 20, 2019
This powerful tool used as an end-to-end solution for on-site service technicians has paved the way for organizations to provide more proactive field services.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation – 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Antwain Woods | November 19, 2019
For those leveraging the capabilities of Project Service Automation, Microsoft will be focused on making improvements around modular offerings where capabilities across Microsoft Project, Project Serv[...]

Dynamics 365 Customer Service– 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Art Small | November 11, 2019
Dynamics 365 Customer Service, known to be an end-to-end, self-support and assisted-support service. For wave 2 of 2019, Microsoft will be focusing on improvements with knowledge management and timeli[...]

Dynamics 365 Sales – 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Chris Weilandt | November 4, 2019
Microsoft previously announced its 2019 new release wave 2 plan that will be made available over the span of October through March 2020. The improvements made in this release will ultimately help to m[...]

Emerging Technology in Field Service – the HoloLens

By Jeremy Wallin | October 28, 2019
Field service operations require constant connection and access to real-time data in order to remain productive and proactive rather than reactive. A field technician’s ability to immediately conduct [...]

Pick and Mix Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licenses Plan

By Natasha Spurr | September 26, 2019
Microsoft’s current pricing plan for Dynamics 365 licences was promoted as the most cost effective way for users to access all capabilities across its Customer Engagement apps. However, the one size f[...]

Sales Engagement Platforms Ranked 92% Critical to Sales Organisations' Success

By Natasha Spurr | September 16, 2019
For sales organisations of all sizes, there are many hurdles to clear on the way to closing a deal. Engaging with buyers who follow a nonlinear customer journey or managing a disconnected collection o[...]