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A real-world look at digital transformation.

Build Deeper and Wider Relationships with Your Clients

By Natasha Spurr | June 20, 2019
Gone are the days of cold calling and cut-and-pasting of boilerplate email copy. Today, success is about quality over quantity, an account based marketing approach versus machine gun fire. It means nu[...]

Learn More About Your Tenants and Units with a Valuable Property Management Solution

By Mary Bradley | June 4, 2019
As a commercial, residential or mixed use property management group, your business thrives on positive tenant experiences. Positive impressions ultimately builds more bottom line. Enter Alithya's Prop[...]

How to: CRM Portal Web Page Tracking

By James Trobaugh | June 3, 2019
There are often times when a customer will want to know what records a Contact is viewing in the CRM Dynamics Portal. Historically, this capability was available out of the box with the Tracking featu[...]

Is Dynamics 365 Easier to Use Than Sales Force?

By Natasha Spurr | May 31, 2019
You’ve decided that now’s the time to integrate a new CRM system into your business. You’ve spent time in countless meetings determining why an investment this big needs to be made but determining whi[...]

Software Training Tools and Tips

By Sydney Stoner | May 21, 2019
In the first part of the series we discussed our training methodology best practices. In this post, we will review the various tools that you can use to implement the training methodology.

Why Dynamics 365’s Business Intelligence Outshines Sales Force

By Natasha Spurr | May 17, 2019
AI and machine learning – big words in the technology world and in order to keep up with where the industry is headed, you have to understand why it’s important and what technology platforms can help [...]

4 Ways for Equipment Dealers to Improve Account Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Chad Weiner | May 16, 2019
Client relationships are critical for every Equipment Dealer organization where typically 80% or more of their ongoing revenue comes from existing customers. The key question for Equipment Dealers is [...]

Software Training Methodology Best Practices

By Sydney Stoner | May 14, 2019
Before we dive into the training methodology best practices, let’s first discuss why training is so important. We have found that high performing organizations, or HPOs, believe that when they impleme[...]

CRM Dynamics Portal: Adding Tab controls to a Web Page

By James Trobaugh | May 13, 2019
Many times a CRM Entity Form page can contain multiple Tab Sections that when presented on a CRM Portal Web Page can force the user to scroll excessively to find the bottom of the Web Page. While in C[...]

You Know You Need A New CRM But How Do You Choose One?

By Natasha Spurr | May 6, 2019
There are numerous factors that play a role in determining what CRM platform your company should implement. You might be frantically googling for days who to choose and with every search stems hundred[...]