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A real-world look at digital transformation.

Sustainable Manufacturing Methods for Chemical Manufacturers

By Emir Dobraca | December 5, 2018
Chemical companies today are turning towards more sustainable practices when it comes to handling formulations and experiments within their chemical plant. According to an article written by The Techn[...]

Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

By Emir Dobraca | September 17, 2018
To embrace the digital revolution or not to embrace, that is the question. For many chemical manufacturers, the pressure of evolving digital processes is becoming increasingly substantial. After all, [...]

How Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Can Grow Internationally

By Emir Dobraca | May 29, 2018
Growing internationally is an inevitable challenge that companies must face to remain competitive and capture new opportunities. Often, it can mean acquiring new companies around the globe, which then[...]

From Chaos to Order: How Chemical Companies Can Use Dynamics 365 to Sequence Orders

By Linda Hope | May 7, 2018
Many chemical manufacturing companies struggle with the best way to schedule the variety of products that are going through the production floor. One of the key things that manufacturers have to consi[...]

Chemical Manufactures – How to Maintain Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics

By Emir Dobraca | May 3, 2018
One of the most important aspects to your chemical manufacturing business is having an ERP system that is aware of product restrictions and enables you the ability to stay compliant with the multitude[...]

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Specialty Chemical Manufacturers and How to Solve Them

By Emir Dobraca | April 25, 2018
Chemical manufacturing is a uniquely complex industry that entails substantial requirements in order to maintain compliance. With biyearly modifications, new compliance and regulatory requirements hap[...]

Achieving Complex Chemical Manufacturing Formulations with Dynamics 365 and ProductVision®

By Emir Dobraca | March 29, 2018
As a chemical manufacturer (paint, coatings, chemicals and ink), your product is unique and complex. Therefore, having the ability to create new or modify existing formulas is essential to the distinc[...]

How Chemical Manufacturers Can Make the Switch from Product Seller to Solution Provider

By Daniel Spurr | January 16, 2018
“Chemical companies have long struggled to make the shift from ‘product sellers’ to ‘solution providers’ in the customer-facing aspect of their business. Digitisation can make a big difference in this[...]

How One Cosmetics Manufacturer Tracks Lightweight Drums to Reduce Inventory Waste

By Emir Dobraca | November 27, 2017
Every manufacturer looks for ways to reduce costs and eliminate waste from processes. For specialty chemical manufacturers, a good way to reduce product waste is to accurately track and use all invent[...]

The Power of Potency in Dynamics 365 for Operations

By Kim Stegall | June 15, 2017
In order to streamline operations and boost profitability, it is important that chemical manufacturers properly manage potency. It can be a powerful thing when it's automated.