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Did You Know that PointDrive is Included in Microsoft’s Relationship Sales Solution?

By Jennifer Alspach | January 15, 2018

My colleague recently wrote an article the right sales tools for relationship selling and talked about the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSS). I want to share with you one of my favorite tools that comes with MRSS - PointDrive.

What do successful sales professionals almost always have in common? They tell great stories. But what happens when you have a terrific meeting and your prospect asks for more information, like a presentation, data sheet, or testimonial video? You send them an email with a bunch of attachments and links, but then what?

With PointDrive, you can seamlessly package up your content and message in a professional and branded way that provides your buyer with easy access to the information they find most relevant. And, with as many as 70% of your buyers opening emails on the go, PointDrive delivers personalized content that looks great on any device, whether your buyer is on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Check out my landing page below:

PointDrive Landing Page

As a marketer, I love that I can create a visually appealing landing page in under 10 minutes, and use the team presentation feature to share with anyone else on my team who wants to share out the same content.

PointDrive Teams

The analytics are awesome. You receive a notification when someone is viewing your presentation in real time. Click the link in that notification and you can then see what they clicked on, where they navigated, and determine what they are most interested in.

In addition, as your content is forwarded, PointDrive gives you full visibility into other viewers inside the organization. This allows you to identify key decision makers involved in the buying decision and quickly save them as additional leads from target accounts.

Interested in more on successful relationship selling?

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