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Operations Management: How-to Enable the Best Service Maintenance for Your Properties

By Pat Lee | July 17, 2019

In our previous blog, we discussed how important it is to maintain positive tenant experiences, and how the software you use determines the success of your day to day operations (and with that satisfied clientele). As a property management operations leader, you understand the importance of these tasks: handling leases, collecting rent, knowing your properties, etc. but you also need to understand the importance of property maintenance. Improving on your properties maintenance services is essential for enhancing your properties value to customers and your business’s bottom line.

Many property managers seek to have a better way in which they can schedule various services that need to go on in different units on their property. For this reason there needs to be a simplified yet enhanced software solution in place that provides tenant and property information in once place.

How to Provide Superior Property Maintenance Services

Alithya’s Dynamics 365 Property Management Accelerator Better Equips Your Service Maintenance Team:

  • Quickly schedule new work orders
  • Easily view work order status: What is occurring and which unit
  • Automated scheduling based on technicians skillset an availability
  • Status services: whether the technician has arrived, in progress, or if they’ve hit a stalling point and need to postpone, and various other statues.


Dynamics 365 Property Management

Take a look at the 4 minute demo video below to see Alithya's Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action.

Why Your Current Tenant Experience Won’t Work

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Pat is focused and passionate about helping clients transform their business for better efficiency and exceptional sales and service for their customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Business Intelligence, and Digital Solutions.


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