Open The Door to Better Customer Service

Open The Door to Better Customer Service

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern="true" align="left" margin_bottom="0"]Customer Service is fast becoming the key differentiator for businesses.

Amongst the many statistics on this subject Bain & Company say that a 5% increase in customer satisfaction can translate to a 10 -25% profit increase. So could this mean that 'Service is the new Sales’?

The Customer Service landscape is definitely changing, service no longer means solving a customer’s problem when they pick up the phone — it’s about taking preventive measures and proactively solving potential issues.

Your products are now becoming only as good as your service, 90% of consumers say they expect customer service consistency and continuity across all service channels but only 39% receive it.

In a recently commissioned report from Microsoft 'State of Multi-Channel Customer Service', when asked how important customer service was in their choice of or loyalty to a brand, 98% of the U.S. consumers surveyed said it was somewhat or very important, that's nearly a full house!!

So if you are experiencing issues with customer service and retention that is effecting your bottom line CRM for Customer Service can enable your business to tackle these issues, and provide exceptional service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers…
• Cross-channel service – provide excellent customer service anytime, anywhere
• Agent enablement – manage cases faster by giving agents key productivity tools and information
• Self-service – make it possible for customers to resolve their own issues with a customizable self-service portal
• Knowledge – deliver the right knowledge to the right person at the right time
• Social care – send social posts needing resolution to the right agent automatically
• Service intelligence – analyze data to find trends and maximize opportuniti

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