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New Solution Release: Territory Management Version 2.0.0 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

By Evan Flower | March 30, 2018

Have you ever had a sales professional leave the company, with a new person coming in to manage that particular territory or customer set? The new seller needs to be added to the access team for all the old rep’s accounts. Sigh…does that need to be done manually? And who’s responsible? Or worse yet, 5 years from now, the original seller is still shown as the customer owner.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution for this – Territory Management for Dynamics 365 (CRM) from Fullscope. For the situation mentioned above, the territory rules for the original seller would be updated with the new seller in an easy to use, pre-built workflow. 

Fullscope just released version 2.0.0 of the Territory Management Solution, which adds territory visualization, multinational post code support, named account assignment, and categorization within territories to an already robust set of territory management features for account, contact, and lead records in CRM. Territories can be defined by ZIP/post code ranges, cities, states, and countries, uniformly or in combination with different territories defined by different levels of specificity. Geographic definitions can be broken down further by categorization (an optionset on the target record), and finally named accounts (and named contacts) can override all other rules for specific records.

Records can be assigned in bulk on demand, individually as they are created, or as part of any workflow process on a given account, contact, or lead record.

Assignment can be done by ownership and/or access teams, as well as linking the record to the out of the box territory table.

Dynamics 365 Territory Management Accounts Interface

Additional situations where Territory Manager will save the day

  • A new salesperson is brought on board and a new territory created for her, adjusting existing territories, and all open leads need to be realigned with these new territories. In this case, the Territory Management solution would have a ruleset created and then applied to all open leads using an on-demand workflow, to easily accomplish the realignment.

  • A large set of new leads is going to be imported into CRM and needs to be assigned to sellers based on territories. In this case, a workflow would be set to run on create of new leads and assign each one. The import would then trigger this workflow and all leads would be correctly assigned in one step.

  • Territories are defined by complex rulesets—combining geography, account categorization (e.g. key accounts, distributors, vendors), and key accounts specifically assigned to certain sales reps. The Territory Management Solution allows all these factors to be defined and implemented in a single ruleset for one-step assignment and realignment of records.

  • You have a Sales Rep, Customer Service Rep, and Technical Specialist all needing to be assigned to a specific Territory.  This can be accomplishing within the Territory Management solution by using access teams and assigning the three users to the team membership list for each rule governing the territory.

  • You have the above example, but the Technical Specialist has a different territory than the other reps. This can be accomplished by using access teams as above, but with the technical specialist assigned to rules across several territories. Each rule can have its own team definition, so some resources can align with specific territories while others can be shared or span multiple territories without conflict.

Dynamics 365 Territory Management Interface

Watch here to see a video overview and demo of the Territory Management Solution for Dynamics 365 (CRM). 
Interested in how you can implement this solution for your organization? Reach out to us or find out more about the solution through your Account Director.
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