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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement: Data Management and Intelligence

By Chad Weiner | October 18, 2018

“Data is the new oil…”

As the digital age continually progresses, there is an immense amount of data out there that businesses have to tap into in order to keep up with an ever-growing industry. The question is, how can you as business leader best tap into your business systems – whether it be a CRM or ERP system? And now with the onset of social media, even social networks allow businesses to stitch data together in order to gain information that creates better customer relationships.

Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is subscription service through Microsoft and LinkedIn that curates and recommends leads and companies based on your ideal target. This allows users to determine who within that organization they should be talking to in order to close deals faster. 

There is, what I like to call, this curated experience that comes along with the Sales Navigator. As you set up profiles with specific industries, functions and even company sizes, the Sales Navigator app will recommend new people to discover on a daily basis that fit a preferred criteria.

So how does all this data tie into Dynamics 365?

There is a widget that can be installed within Dynamics 365 that helps synchronize things like Inmail messages, LinkedIn messages, and even PointDrive presentations. As you’re interacting with these connections through Sales Navigator, you have the ability to synchronize activity points within your CRM system.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is great way to pull in data and curate new leads that help build relationships that close deals. Want to see a demo of these features? Take a look at this on-demand webinar: Intro of CRM Capabilities, Functionality and Benefits for ERP Customers

An Introduction of CRM Capabilities for Those Already Using Microsoft Dynamics for ERP


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Chad is a certified and experienced Dynamics 365 CRM professional with a deep understanding of all facets of a Dynamics CRM implementation. With that, he carries in-depth knowledge and passion for helping clients make their business' more competitive, profitable and productive.


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