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Manufacturers: What Are the Trends You Can't Ignore When Planning for 2019? Take Our Industry Survey to Find Out

By Jennifer Alspach | October 5, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how your growth rate compares to your competitors, or what markets are most desirable for expansion, you are not alone. Many manufacturers are constantly trying to get a pulse check on the market to see how they compare and strategically plan their next move. The manufacturing industry has become increasingly competitive and adopted the animal kingdom methodology of "eat or be eaten" - simply put, define or be defined.  

Unfortunately, falling behind the market – even slightly – can leave a lasting, damaging mark. If you invest in the wrong capital projects and technology, for instance, those resources are gone for good. Most manufacturers try to learn quickly from mistakes and proactively use those lessons to prep and plan for a successful future.  They understand that being reactive in any part of your business process is simply no longer an option. 

You need the ability to make more informed decisions and achieve greater results. You need to know what the major trends and challenges are, and more importantly, how your organization compares to the marketplace as a whole. Being able to gain the insights and detailed visibility needed to plan for the coming fiscal year has now, more than ever, become a top priority.

So how do you stay on top of key trends in the industry and ensure that you aren't being left behind?  

One way is to learn from the experiences and insights of fellow manufacturers, customers, and industry analysts. To help collect this powerful data, we've put together a succinct yet thorough industry survey that addresses important topics and trends, including:

  • Overall growth rate and market share
  • Profitability insight for products, customers, and geographic regions
  • Identifying consumer buying habits and patterns
  • Spending on product innovation and capital projects
  • Prioritization of technology focus areas 
  • Visibility into the supply chain process

We need your help to unlock the compelling insight on what is working and what is not, in the manufacturing industry.  By completing the survey, you will receive a comprehensive Survey Report compiling the results from the questions like the ones above. 

You will be armed with the most current data just in time for the year end to effectively plan for 2019. Learn how you are doing in the marketplace and what others are doing to be successful: 

Take the manufacturing survey!

Need a little more inspiration to take the 5-minute survey? We are offering the following incentives:

  • A $50 Amazon gift card for the first 50 qualified respondents

All participants will receive:

  • Entry into a raffle to win a Microsoft Surface Tablet 
  • A copy of the Survey Report analyzing 2018 manufacturing industry trends and sharing predictions for 2019

To be eligible, you must be in the manufacturing industry and complete the survey by October 31, 2018. But don't wait.  Fill out the survey today and ensure your chance to receive a $50 Amazon gift card.  All winners will be notified via email.   

Make sure your voice is heard and complete the brief survey today. Thank you in advance for your consideration to participate in this extremely important industry survey. 

About Jennifer Alspach

Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.


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