New Blog Series: Living in a Dynamics 365 World

New Blog Series: Living in a Dynamics 365 World

Are data silos holding your company back? If all of your company’s internal and external data are stored and managed in multiple locations, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting an accurate big picture from your business analytics. Not to mention how challenging it is to keep up with all of that data—how many hours and resources are wasted trying to compile and share data across multiple departments?

Imagine if you could combine and analyze:

  • The data used in BI systems to provide managers with the information needed to make important business decisions,
  • The information needed in ERP systems to organize and integrate business processes of an organization,
  • And the process of CRM systems which help companies analyze and manage customer data.

Last October, Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365, combining ERP, CRM, and BI solutions in one cloud business software product. But what does it all mean for your specific manufacturing company?

In our three-part blog series, we will discuss the following:

  1. The ERP Roadmap for Process Manufacturers

Learn from Mike Ehrenberg, a Microsoft Technical Fellow and CTO in the Business Application Platform and Intelligence organization. He’ll discuss how the conversion of Dynamics AX into a web-based system will allow your employees to work from anywhere at any time. You will see a preview of the roadmap for Dynamics 365, and learn how Edgewater Fullscope can work with the new system to help you streamline your processes, increase your responsiveness, and realize significant cost savings.

  1. New Analyst Findings on Cloud and the Manufacturer of the Future

The Aberdeen Group conducted new research that shows the top challenges facing manufacturers today. These challenges all derive from a lack of true visibility across the entire organization. The need for a more flexible and robust technology environment increases due to both these challenges and the constantly growing size of manufacturing organizations.

Through this webinar you can learn:

  • How to ensure that your organization is able to take advantage of emerging technology trends
  • The strategies for continuous improvement and the adoption of industry best practices
  • The challenges that face manufacturers as they attempt to maintain compliance and quality
  • Key capabilities for enabling traceability, collaboration, with the extended enterprise, and demand management
  • The role of cloud technology for the manufacturer of the future

3.  Manufacturers Discuss Challenges, 2017 Priorities

Current manufacturers that are using Dynamics AX and CRM solutions share their experiences and perspective on their businesses’ needs. They will also discuss what their plans are to invest in for the future. Some of the questions that these manufacturers will answer include:

  • Why did you end up choosing Dynamics AX, and or, CRM for your business?
  • What type of impact have you seen from having Dynamics AX up and running in your business?
  • What advice would you give to companies who are considering upgrading their current ERP or CRM systems?

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