Is Your CRM Giving You What You Need?

Is Your CRM Giving You What You Need?

In this blog we want to share a story close to home, we hope you take some time learning about how CRM should be your most powerful tool.

Edgewater Fullscope (Fullscope) had multiple business units using out-dated CRM and Customer Management systems and tools.

Several underlying business outcomes were not being addressed with the collection of tools. A consolidated pipeline was not readily available and booked sales across the business units were not consistent or aggregated. Finally, there was not a consistent and agreed upon framework for how the prospect to customer life-cycle was measured. Russell Smith, SVP Fullscope wanted to focus on these business outcomes and consolidate a single platform as the foundation to this initiative. Luckily, there was an unusual solution on the horizon!

In March of 2015, Fullscope acquired a company called Zero2Ten, who had been at the forefront of Dynamics CRM for many years. When Russell was engaging with their sales leadership team and asking questions around the pipeline, he discovered that answers which might have previously taken him hours or even days to get, came through very quickly on a phone call. The power of this information, and the speed that it could be delivered was very attractive to Fullscope. This was the framework that Russell was looking for across the combined organization.

For Russell and Fullscope, the addition of Zero2Ten was the catalyst to deploy a CRM solution that was laser focused on the critical business outcomes important to him.You know, any kind of enterprise system is going to have data, but to be able to turn that data into precise information via dashboards that help us make better decisions . . . that is what we wanted, and that is what we got", said Russell.

From here, Fullscope is working towards a cross-selling motion across the entire organization as well as their parent and sister companies. It's something they really expect to benefit from—something they’re excited about. They have a trained team capable of using the solution to get the answers they need. They have achieved self-sufficiency as an organization all the way up the chain to the CEO.

Russell’s view is this: “Customer relationship management is a powerful solution, and if you're not getting what you need from it for your organization, it's probably not the fault of the product.” When he looks back at the engagement experience, the key inflection point was truly understanding the information model that was being managed in the solution. Having his team truly take ownership of this information and solution is allowing Fullscope to drive adoption and realize their outcomes.

Russell’s advice for other organizations is not to look at Go Live as a finish line, but to look at it as the starting point. Fullscope has arrived at a place where they have a rock solid solution, with high user adoption and detailed plans for the future. These philosophies, born from a simple philosophy of immersing your team into the solution from day 1.

Take a look at Russell sharing his story in our video HERE and contact our team to discuss how we can help you achieve CRM Success.

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