Internet Lead Capture Updates

Internet Lead Capture Updates

On July 19, 2011, the current version of the ILC service will be migrated to run on Microsoft's cloud-based computing platform, Windows Azure. This change will allow for improved performance and reliability in helping capture leads for your organization. If you are using a Microsoft-hosted landing page (or pages) to capture lead information – also known as a "Lead Capture Page", you will be required to re-create the Lead Capture Page(s) that your organization is currently using as part of this migration in order to ensure that your use of the ILC service can continue to capture leads with minimal disruption.

There are essentially two actions that you must take to ensure your leads continue to be captured properly:

  • Identification of the landing page names and layout that must performed BEFORE the July 19, 2011 migration date
  • Re-creation of the Lead Capture Page(s) that can only be performed AFTER the migration to the new platform has taken place.

Microsoft has created a document to help you prepare for this migration and to describe the process you will have to follow to identify and then re-create the Lead Capture Pages. This document is accessible by clicking here (or by searching on "Internet Lead Capture" inside the Resource Center within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online). Within the document, please refer to the section labeled "Customers who are using the Lead Capture page" for details of the specific steps you must take both before and after July 19, 2011.

You will be notified by Microsoft on the day the migration occurs as a reminder to re-create your Lead Capture Page(s).

When the actual migration takes place, you may experience a short disruption in the lead capturing process. The rest of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service should be unaffected by this migration of the ILC service.

If you have any questions about this migration process, please contact your Zero2Ten account manager – we are happy to help.

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