Insights for Manufacturers: 5 Steps for Service Leaders to Empower Employees

Insights for Manufacturers: 5 Steps for Service Leaders to Empower Employees

The previous blog in this serious, Insights for Manufacturers: 4 Steps Sales Leaders Should take to Empower Employees revealed that certain actions from sales leaders are essential for giving employees the ability to effectively work and achieve business goals. 

Now let's discuss what is necessary in order for service leaders to provide those same keys to empowerment. We've all been in the situation where, as a customer you need assistance with something and the employee has to check with their manger first before the issue can be resolved; this type of thing can be extremely frustrating, especially in a time crunch. 

Now imagine that same customer service representative but this time with all the right tools and knowledge to quickly make the right decision on the spot. Imagine as a customer service representative, that you have the leeway to view a customer profile and utilize the available information at hand to deliver an immediate resolution without ever having to seek out and wait on an outside source for help. There would be no need for responses like, "we'll get back to you shortly" from the customer service representative.

Take a look at these 5 steps service leaders can take to help empower employees and achieve this business goal of fast and accurate service:

  1. Optimize service productivity
  2. Enable CSR's to provide the right answers across all channels
  3. Speed issue resolution for higher customer loyalty
  4. Enable CSR's to conduct sales (cross sell and up sell)
  5. Enhance agent efficiency and collaboration

When we talk in terms of giving the data, the analysis and the tools to customer service representatives, it's all about making sure that customers are handled with the right amount of responsiveness to not only keep them happy, but also so that they'll tell their friends and help build customer loyalty. 

Manufacturers are using IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) to digitalize their overall business- finding new ways to engage with customers and optimize operations. Download this eBook to discover more about competing in the digital age of manufacturing. Be sure to get your copy by clicking the link below.      

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