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How to Easily Add Descriptive Columns to a Form in Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Steve Boston | July 26, 2018

In Dynamics 365, it’s simple to modify a form to make it easier to work with and fit your personal preferences. I do have to mention one caution on personalizations made to a form – if the need ever arises to reset your personal usage data, any and all personalizations made to the forms will need to be performed again. Resetting usage data will revert the forms back to the out of the box configuration. So, if you decide to personalize, keep a list of those forms and changes made. This will make it easier to duplicate your changes should the need arise.  

Here's how to begin:

Navigate to the menu item you wish to personalize and click the “Options” tab. Once options opens up, click the “Personalize this form” button.

Steve blog 1

Once clicked, the menu buttons will appear. These allow you to perform different actions on the form with regard to different personalizations.

Steve blog 2

In this case, we want to add a new field to the form. Click in the grid as indicated below. Once clicked, a new form will open as shown below.

Steve blog 3

Click “Add a field”

Steve blog 4

These are the available fields from which to choose.

Steve blog 5

We want to add a field named “length” to the grid and be visible in the display.

 Steve blog 6

Type in the word “length” and click apply.

Steve blog 7

Steve blog 8

There are two (2) choices. We will checkmark the top choice.

Steve blog 9

Click “Insert”

Steve blog 10

A new column for “length” has been inserted at the extreme right hand side of the grid form.

Steve blog 11

If we want to reposition the placement of “length” on the form itself, click “Personalize this form” again.

Steve blog 12

Hovering over the icons below will pop up a description of the functionality of that specific icon. We want to create a movement, so we will click the one indicated below.

Steve blog 13

Click and drag the “length” column to the position in the grid desired.

Steve blog 14


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