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How Long Will it Take to Implement Dynamics 365 CRM?

By Natasha Spurr | November 9, 2018

You know it is going to save you time and money; it is going to boost your pipeline and help lead generation; you know it is going to connect up all the different departments and make analysis and forecasting a breeze. But just how long is it going to take to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 up and running?

Days, weeks or months?

If you do a quick online search, reports vary from a matter of days to around 18 months. The factors that these reports consider when judging implementation times include:

  • internal and external team numbers
  • additional modules
  • user numbers
  • organisation size
  • levels of data migration
  • amount of customisation needed
  • integrations
  • number of users needing training
  • the kind of organisation, whether it is professional services or manufacturing, for example
  • which processes are included under the term “implementation”

Perils of a long implementation

Long implementation periods can affect a business in a number of ways. Some staff may have to prioritise implementation projects over their normal workload, or try to cope with both, affecting morale and potentially jeopardising the success of the project. Organisations may lose track of the final goal and become bogged down in the minutiae. Over long periods, business demands and needs may change, affecting the project and prolonging the implementation. All this can lead to rising costs and decreasing enthusiasm for the project.

The Fullscope method

At Fullscope, an Alithya company, we have our own methodology for implementing Microsoft Dynamics into any organisation, whatever its size and complexity. And we believe it ensures the implementation is as smooth and time-efficient as it can be.

Instead of just looking at implementing CRM software, we get the organisation to think about what it is they want from the CRM. We ask them to think about a few key business outcomes that they want the CRM to help them achieve. Then, rather than implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and then adding customisations, the CRM platform is built around the business needs defined by the business in the first place.

Designed for the business by the business

Paul Sweeney, chairman of ANS managed services, says: “We thought we were going to get this all singing, all dancing CRM system on day one. But what we actually got was a huge amount of coaching, which meant that we got a system that was designed by us, for us and can be maintained by us that was absolutely fit for purpose.”

By taking time to work out what these desired business outcomes are, we can build the CRM system for each organisation’s unique business needs.

Mark Sykes, National Head of BDO Drive, a business services and accounting firm, explains: “We wanted our own system that were able to quickly implement. Speed was really the essence for us here. We wanted a system that could be built out for our business needs.”

After a six-week sales cycle, Fullscope was able to deliver Dynamics 365 and PSM (Professional Services Automation) in just 12 weeks.

The right partner means the right result

No matter what the size or complexity of the organisation, we believe that if you get the right partner on board who will help you to approach the implementation project with your business needs in mind, then you will be able to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 implemented in the minimum time for the maximum result.If you would like to learn more about how Fullscope can help you to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 download our free guide here: Transform the way you sell with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 


About Natasha Spurr

Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.


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