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How Do the Features of Dynamics 365 Online Compare to On-premises CRM?

By Natasha Spurr | October 5, 2018

You may have had your CRM for a little while now. You bought in the software and hardware, installed it and you maintain it for the company. It serves you well, so long as you keep on top of the upgrades and updates, the security and the day-to-day infrastructure management.

You may not have thought about moving to a cloud-based version or, perhaps if you have a large-scale upgrade around the corner, it is something you are looking into. But do the benefits stack up? Will you get enough from an online version of CRM compared to your on-premises version?

Lower total cost of ownership

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, there are certain things that you will get less of. Your costs will be less as you will not have to pay an upfront cost for hardware and software. Pricing is pay-as-you-go, so you only need to pay for what you will use, turning your Capex spend into an Opex spend. Going online will mean a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than with on-premises CRM.

Lower maintenance and management costs

You will have to do less maintenance and spend less time and money on managing your CRM in-house. High availability, disaster recovery and redundancy are built-in and provided domestically with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. You will have to allocate less time to deploying large-scale upgrades and extensive change management, as all updates and upgrades will be managed online.

Faster access to the latest innovations

You will also get much more from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online than you would with your on-premises CRM. You can gain benefits from new innovations much sooner. There is a faster update schedule, with updates and new features being added every six months, compared to every 12 months for on-premises CRM. You can rest assured that you are always on the most up-to-date and compliant version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Regular app updates behind the scenes ensure that you have access to the latest functionalities. You will always get the latest productivity tools and, additionally, there are a number of new capabilities that are included as part of the online licence.

High security and compliance ensured

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, application and infrastructure management are handled for you. Your instance will be hosted in a highly secure, Microsoft-owned and managed data centre and backed by a service level agreement of 99.9 per cent. Compliance for commercial and government customers is certified and ensured.

Greater flexibility and scalability

Moving to Dynamics 365 Online offers you greater flexibility and the ability to deploy new users without costly and time-consuming changes to your IT infrastructure. Instead, new users can be activated and deployed almost instantly, saving more time and money.

Freedom to focus on strategic planning

The extra time that you will gain from reducing the complexity associated with managing hardware and software and providing support, and the elimination of software maintenance such as backups, upgrades and patches, means that you can focus IT on strategic planning and other priority work items.

Greater and easer integration

And there are a number of other gains that come with opting specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. You can integrate CRM online with Office 365 and Azure, making it easy to manage, with no issues of siloed data and no manual integrations needed. There will be a single sign-on for users, which makes the job of onboarding and training new staff much easier and ensures joined-up and streamlined business processes.

Download the guide, Modernise with Dynamics 365 in the Cloud. Learn the cost and productivity benefits of an on-prem to online Dynamics 365 upgrade. 

About Natasha Spurr

Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.


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