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GDPR Easily Explained and Does it Apply to You

By Adam Spurr | May 21, 2018
For starters, let’s define GDPR:
General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR compliance is not optional and compliance audits start May 25th, 2018. Although this legislation was passed by the European Union Parliament, it applies to all companies who do business in Europe and retain personal information on citizens of EU member states. Once the deadline passes, regulators will be looking to make an example of a few early offenders. 
The purpose of GDPR:
GDPR aims to give individuals control over their personal data. These data protection laws will make it easier for European citizens to understand how their data is being used. Ultimately, these laws will give regulatory authorities greater power to take action against organizations that breach the new data protection regulations. Every new business process that uses personal data must abide by these data protection regulations and those who do not comply or meet their GDPR obligations will face severe penalties. 
GDPR enforceable date:
This regulation will become enforceable on the 25th of May 2018 
GDPR Enforceable Date May 25th 2018
Does GDPR apply to my business?
So how do you know if you need to worry about GDPR? Well, if you’re a company with even 1 European contact then it applies to you. These regulations affect all businesses holding information on citizens of EU member states, not just companies based in those countries.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about GDPR. Contact us if you'd like to talk about implementing a GDPR solution within Dynamics 365 to help you meet your obligations.
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Download our free guideSix Steps to a GDPR Compliant Organization. We help you understand what needs to be done in order to achieve compliance and identify what policies and documentation you need to put into place. 


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