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Gain New Levels of Visibility For Your Business With CRM

By Daniel Spurr | February 27, 2018

Alithya's customer ANS, the UK's #1 Cloud Service Provider, has gained a new level of visibility and insight with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM).

IT service providers usually have a range of tools available to manage their business and its data, but a common challenge is that information is often held in silos across the organisation that are hard to analyse. ANS, faced that problem with their old CRM solution, the executives had difficulty reporting, the customer service teams wanted to improve productivity by using one system and the sales team were frustrated without a mobile friendly solution. 

Alithya worked with ANS 3 years ago to implement a new CRM solution to help them improve their business processes and support their growth. We start down at the beginning of ANS's CRM project had worked with the executive team to understand the business outcomes and what change would mean for them. 

The key business outcomes that ANS wanted to achieve were:

  • Remove departmental barriers to data
  • Make more informed decisions - fast
  • Improve productivity with anytime-anywhere access
  • Take control of their own systems and data


We caught up with Paul Sweeney, Executive Chairman at ANS recently and have captured ANS's CRM success story, watch it  Dynamics 365 helps Cloud Services ANS grow.  This is one of my favourite quotes from Paul;

“The challenge we had was that our old system was not dynamic. It was poor in terms of its reporting, it wasn’t mobile friendly and that was frustrating the sales guys. Our new CRM system is easy to use, easy to configure and develop. We now have a system that was designed by us, for us and can be maintained by us and is absolutely fit for purpose.”

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