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What to Expect From Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

By Cyndi Whitehead | September 25, 2018

Is your current ERP solution poised to help with the global expansion of your business? Does it have a familiar interface that employees can recognize and adapt to quickly? Can it run in a simple web browser?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps take your business to the next level by improving profitability.

Dynamics 365 for Operations is designed to provide the capability, the view, and the access to the right information at the right time. It enables intelligent operations, streamlined supply chain and ultimately enhanced financial performance. 

Dynamics 365 for Operations Overview _What to Expect

Language and Localization Functionality

Dynamics 365 has the capability of converting views into more than 40 specific language preferences out-of-the-box. The development environment also enables the addition of further languages as international business needs evolve over time. The Multilanguage feature extends to trading partners as well. For example, a customer is in Italy and may prefer to receive their documentation in Italian. No problem, the master file default language for that trading partner can easily be set up in Italian. Localization, or working with a company in another country, such as France, typically has certain specific legal and financial requirements. The standard, easily configurable localization functionality of Dynamics 365 is designed to address these unique requirements – a true global solution for a global business ecosystem.


Dynamics 365 for Operations Interface Task Bubbles     Dynamics 365 for Operations Interface Task Bubbles

The interface includes a main dashboard of “task bubbles,” which are a list of work spaces tailored to a specific user’s job functions – comprehensive access for all job function responsibilities.  These work spaces can be personalized and prioritized, with all information pertaining tasks at readily available.

Browser Usability

Users have the ability to launch, login and access information in this solution from any preferred browser – Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.  Dynamics 365 will identify and allow correct permissions and provide the appropriate environment automatically.  It also allows navigation between several different browsers while popping open different tabs from task guide bubbles.  A single license allows as many screens as necessary open and operating separately.    

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of these features from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, please review this on demand webinar, Empowering Manufacturing Through Connected Operations.

Empowering Manufacturing Through Connected Operations: A Look at Dynamics 365 for Operations

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Cyndi is an innovative, results-driven Microsoft ERP Solution specialist. She has more than 15 years’ experience working with manufacturing executives to execute organizational transformation through intelligent enterprise business solutions.


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