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Facing the Challenges of Mother Nature – What Dynamics 365 Can Do for Building Products Manufacturers

By Steve Sanderson | November 7, 2018

Like clockwork, hurricane season is in full swing sparing no mercy for those on its path. Already this 2018 season there have been 7 hurricanes that have formed, with the most recent, Hurricane Michael reaching Category 4 status – with Florida heavily impacted and businesses and agriculture as far as Virginia affected. Each year these storms make landfall, wreaking havoc and destruction, and in some cases giving communities little time to prepare. So how can you as a building products manufacturer answer the demands of a community after Mother Nature strikes?

How can your manufacturing company keep up with the sudden spike in demand?

Manufactures must have the capability to answer the needs of a community that faces millions of dollars in damages. Companies have to be equipped with the right systems and immediate in response in order to effectively help rebuild damages days and even years after a hurricane ensues. Preparedness is key, not only on the part of those affected but also on the part of manufactures who will help rebuild.

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Stay prepared with Dynamics 365: Proactive management and quick decisions.

  • Reliable planning and scheduling
  • Tools to manage costs and pricing
  • Strong analysis tools to understand performance at any moment

Want to learn more? Download this eBook: The Top 5 Challenges Facing Building Products Manufacturers in Construction-Driven Markets. Explore manufacturing market sectors which are particularly impacted by changes in the construction industry, specific trends impacting the market today and the right technology solutions to help businesses handle these challenges.

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Building Products Manufacturers in Construction-Driven Markets

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A senior account executive at Fullscope, Steve has over 30 years of experience providing solutions to the operational challenges of manufacturing businesses and has spent 12 years with a Fortune 200 Building Products Manufacturer.


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