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Emerging Technology in Field Service – the HoloLens

By Jeremy Wallin | October 28, 2019

Field service operations require constant connection and access to real-time data in order to remain productive and proactive rather than reactive. A field technician’s ability to immediately conduct preventative services while onsite and interact with their manager or an engineer at headquarters, with real-time imagery of the work being completed, is a major advantage in improving service operations. Instant interactive communication from external teams to internal teams brings about a whole new world of ease and with that a proactive and efficient team.

Solving problems from initial interaction to resolution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers scheduling and next level customer satisfaction all while reducing costs. It is one system where headquarters can directly and instantly interact with technicians in field service operations. Every member in the organization has access to the accurate, real-time data on every customer through technology like artificial intelligence, IoT transponders, as an example, that ping the field service module within Dynamics 365 so that dispatch can schedule preventative maintenance and additionally quickly share information and assign the resources needed to provide excellent service.

Microsoft’s HoloLens and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Let’s take it a step further and explore how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist plus Microsoft’s HoloLens are improving worker experience and performance both in the office and in the field for one of the world’s largest producers of fossil and alternative fuels. Chevron, as most of us know, has been in the business of producing, servicing and transporting crude oil, natural gas and energy products to end users for many years. Within the energy business, real time expertise is required to understand the nuances upstream with oil production, midstream through carrying crude along vast pipelines and downstream in the facilities used for processing and refining oil into energy products for the end-user.

Chevron management teams are cognizant of what is required to repair and maintain machinery, pipelines, refineries, transportation, etc. Microsoft is providing computing power to field service workers such as repair technicians who need guidance from the engineering staff to maintain and solve complex problems– this is where the HoloLens plays a major role, augmented reality allows experts to assist field technicians as though they are standing right next to them.

Workers in the field wear the HoloLens onsite while remote experts provide assistance using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. Without ever having to leave the office, engineers can virtually see what the technicians are viewing and walk them through the necessary repairs, interacting by circling parts on the screen while making annotations in real-time. They can bring up diagrams, post instructions and even display an example of processes a technician needs to take for maintenance and repair. This form of digital transformation has revolutionized the first-line worker experience, improved global collaboration and ultimately helped increase operational efficiency, reducing overhead expenses. 

Learn more about how Chevron is using Microsoft’s HoloLens and Remote Assist here

Watch this short demonstration to see how Dynamics 365 Remote Assist empowers technicians to solve problems more efficiently by working together from different locations with a mobile phone or HoloLens device.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, download this guide that highlights the move from manual field service processes to a connected proactive automated model.

A Modern Guide to Connected and Proactive Field Service


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