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Effects of Digital Transformation in Professional Services

By Jennifer Alspach | August 29, 2018

Digital transformation is the technological disruption that has changed the way companies do business. From cloud computing to connected applications, earlier business models are advancing allowing professional services organizations the opportunity to improve several factors within their firm. Digital transformation pro serv blog

Improve client engagement:

What should be top of mind for any professional services leader is improving client engagement. With digital transformation a key business element that has evolved is the way companies and clients interact. Today, clients expect so much more from service firms.

Employee empowerment:

Giving your employees the tools to solve problems using shared information is an impactful change in any organization. Service firms now have the opportunity to break down siloed portions of a firm and better utilize each team.  Combining the power of each segment of a company results in clearer visibility of information including KPI’s, and improved customer experience by solving problems and providing service quicker. 

“The change is already underway… and professional services companies have a unique opportunity to harness the power, and learn to harmonize with the emerging disruptive technologies.”

Insight for you, insight for your clients:

Better understand what’s happening in your service firm. Successful companies require full visibility to see the entire sales process, what employees are doing, and data that matters. Successful service firms are able to exceed client expectations by providing anytime access to crucial information such as project updates, time tracking and billing; to offering new ways to collaborate on projects using cloud technologies – leading to better overall service and business outcomes.

To further your understanding on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for the Professional Services industry, download this guide: Guide to Top Trends in Professional Services… and their impact on current business models.

Guide to Top Trends in Professional Services… and their impact on current business models.

About Jennifer Alspach

Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.


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