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Dynamics 365 Customer Service– 2019 Release Wave 2 Roadmap

By Art Small | November 11, 2019

Dynamics 365 Customer Service, known to be an end-to-end, self-support and assisted-support service. For wave 2 of 2019, Microsoft will be focusing on improvements with knowledge management and timeline usability enhancements.

Top things to know for Customer Service wave 2 release:

For wave 2 of 2019, Microsoft is focused on the following three areas:

  • Agent productivity: Delivering improvements that help agents be more productive such as improved email authoring experiences and timeline enhancements.

  • Omnichannel for Customer Service: Enabling customers to experience a seamless personalized service as they switch across support channels.

  • Service insights: Investing in improved insights for supervisors and managers to drive better business decisions.


New capability highlights:

  • Knowledge management enhancements – improvements will be beneficial to knowledge authors, customer service agents and customers with new search, inline editing and knowledge article templates.
    • Knowledge management search and rendering enhancement.
    • Knowledge management inline image enhancement – create professional presentations of articles will help drive self-service adoption.
    • Knowledge article templates – customers will get out-of-the-box templates that they can readily use.

  • Timeline usability enhancements – customers will have the ability to view larger amounts of information and filter to see specific activities. Sales managers, salespeople and customer service agents will benefit from finding data more quickly by looking at the history of interactions with an account, contact or case.

Take a look at the full release plan here.

To learn more about other important release notes, stay tuned for other blogs in this series:


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