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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Simple Sales Forecasting

By Antwain Woods | October 24, 2019

In the fast pace world we live in today, supply and demand are at the top of successful companies. Dynamics 365 Sales Forecasting gives your company the visibility to procure the correct inventory based on forecasting data. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement Sales Forecasting is an out of the box feature that will enable your company to forecast revenue and inventory.

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Sales forecasting allows your sales teams and sales managers to have a real time forecast tool at their fingertips. Sales reps can use the forecasting tool to get real time view of what deals need to be closed for the pending month or quarter. Sales managers can use the forecasting to procure the correct inventory and predict revenue for the month.

Let’s start by looking at what value forecasting can bring to your business.

Sales Forecasting: Features

  • Valuable insight around customers buying patterns and opportunities
  • Specify forecast categories for reporting and analytics for each opportunity
  • Easily can update or create new record forecasting records
  • Predict performance for a sales team
  • Mitigate risk for deals


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In this post, we’ll walk you through enabling the forecasting functionality. The forecasting module integrates with the goal management module to generate a forecast. The forecast is based off goals created for users in the system. A revenue-based goal drives the dollar value to the forecast module. This will calculate revenue for the time period selected in the forecast definition.

Goals will drive performance while forecasting gives your user a look at where they are for the month or quarter based on the users opportunities. The forecast category field on the opportunity record gives users a set of options to pick from that will be bucketed by the forecast  (i.e. Committed, Best case and Pipeline). The forecast tracks the number of opportunities estimated and actual revenue.

Enable Sales Forecasting

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Simple Sales Forecasting - Antwain Woods Blog - Image 4

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After enabling the forecast feature, you should see the forecasting area in the Sale Hub

Simple Sales Forecasting - Antwain Woods Blog - Image 6

In App settings configure forecasting definitions

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About Antwain Woods

Antwain is a certified and experienced Dynamics 365 CRM professional with a deep understanding of all facets of a Dynamics CRM implementation. Antwain also has experience in Finance & Operation. With that, he carries in-depth knowledge and passion for helping clients make their business' more competitive, profitable and productive.


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