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Dynamics 365 CE Training – Drive True CRM Adoption

By Sydney Stoner | November 22, 2019

Training is fundamental in the overall adoption of a business software system. Many organizations who implement new software, like CRM, attain the keys to drive and the vehicle to use but don’t really know how to drive and honestly, that isn’t true ownership.  Like a vehicle, you need to understand how to use your CRM system in order to drive successful CRM adoption.

D365 University is a unique training approach that is comprised of all the online curriculum needed to fully understand your system and know how to best leverage it. The curriculum is built around best practices and is customized to meet user’s specific training requirements. This training program for CRM provides online technical and role-based training, with unlimited access to all employees.

There are several D365 University training options. The Corporate Training Program (CTP) and Rapid Training Program (RTP) are annual programs that are hosted on our D365 University platform1. If you have an existing LMS we can share the end-user course files with you2. Or there is always the option to purchase the courses individually online.

Take a look at the D365 University Course Catalog to see a complete list of what is offered.

See below to get a quick look at what is offered in the Level 1 and Level 2 Courses for end users, which uses Dynamics 365 for CE and the new UI. If you’d like to learn more about what’s new with Microsoft and the new Unified Interface, take a look at his article here: Dynamics 365 CE Transition to New Unified Interface: What You Need to Know.

Below you will find the list of lessons. The course should take anywhere from one to two hours to complete. 


D365 Customer Engagement
Level 1 Course for End Users

  • Introduction
  • Overview of D365
  • Working with Accounts
    • Lab 1: Accounts
  • Working with Contacts
    • Lab 2: Contacts
  • Working with Opportunities
    • Lab 3: Opportunities
  • Working with Activities
  • Using Advanced Find
  • Accessing Playbook
  • Utilizing Charts and Views
  • Personalizing CRM Using Dashboards/Follow
  • Final Test

D365 Customer Engagement
Level 2 Course for End Users 

  • Introduction to Level 2
  • Advanced Find
    • Lab 1: Advanced Find
  • Leveraging CRM While on the Road
  • Linked In Sales Navigator
  • Utilizing Teams
  • Competitors
    • Lab 2: Competitors
  • Connections
  • Outlook App Integration
  • Final Test


CRM Free Training Offer

Learn more about D365 University here - a continual training and coaching platform to drive adoption. 

1 RTP is hosted completely on our general LMS portal while CTP is on a custom portal for your Company with the ability to integrate using Single Sign on.

2 This includes all files other then our Black Belt for Admin series which will need to be taken in our LMS. Access to these courses will come with the course file purchase.

About Sydney Stoner

As an E-Learning and Media Specialist Sydney works with Fullscope's training department to create all of the Dynamics365 University courses and custom video content for clients. Sydney has extensive experience training and helping customers increase user adoption amongst their employees.


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