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Dynamics 365 AI for Sales – Delivering Insights for Sales Professionals

By Adam Spurr | January 18, 2019

Most organisations that sell, whether that is a product or a service, know the importance of a CRM platform to help support sales teams.

It is vital for any organisation to create the best relationship they can with customers and prospects. But in this age of automation, these relationships can become impersonal. This can make customers feel less valued, less understood, but also more able to walk away when they are not satisfied.

Moving beyond automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has already gone beyond mere sales force automation by introducing analytics and business intelligence that can help organisations to better understand customer needs, to engage with leads and customers more effectively and to win more deals.

Microsoft has taken this one step further with the release of Microsoft Dynamics AI 365 for Sales, which builds on the intelligence capabilities within Dynamics 365.

AI for Sales brings together data from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and LinkedIn, giving additional insights to help empower sales teams.

Business intelligence and analytics contained within Dynamics 365 and AI for Sales can help to make every prospect and customer to feel valued, while helping your sales teams to:

  • Focus on the right deals: Help sellers to find and prioritise leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to buy based on a broader set of signals. 

We have much better visibility into what customers are doing via the website and what sort of behavioural triggers can we see that show people are ready to purchase. We then send automated emails to those customers that might trigger a purchase or indeed produce lead lists that we can then pass over to a sales team.” Elaine O’Brien, Director of Marketing and E-commerce, Horizon Discovery Group. Watch the full Horizon story HERE

  • Connect with prospects: Show sellers the colleagues who are already interacting with a prospect and provide an effective introduction based on Office 365 activities.

We have got multiple sales teams talking to similar organisations and they weren’t aware of some of the conversations that their colleagues were having. Whereas now they are able to go in and see a chronological view and know when to go and have a conversation with their colleague.” Elaine O’Brien, Horizon.

  • Keep track of relationships: Help sellers to focus on high-priority customers using signals from Dynamics 365, LinkedIn and Office 365 data that reveal relationship health and risks.


  • Personalise engagement: Empower sellers to deliver personalised and relevant interactions based on embedded insights that recommend talking points and next actions to take with the customer.

CRM is helping us to have the right conversations with our clients to generate the leads to mean that we are actually able to improve the service and add value to our customers and generate more fees for BDO”. Mark Sykes, Partner and National Head of BDO Drive UK. Watch Mark talk about their CRM project .

  • Automate sales execution: Increase seller productivity with contextual prompts that suggest new records to create, such as contacts and activities, based on intelligence gleaned from notes entered by sellers.


  • Lead proactively: Enable sales managers to understand sales performance with interactive reports on KPIs, pipeline and deals, and give them the resources to coach effectively based on seller engagement and productivity metrics.


  • Coach effectively: Generate intelligence from sales call records to derive conversation insights, benchmark against conversational KPIs and increase productivity.

Now everything is at the touch of a button, it is live in the system. I want to know where the deals are up to and I can see it at a moment’s notice. I can see when deals change, when the shape of them changes, when things move into forecast, when deals are won, which means I can be really engaged in the sales team as well.” Paul Sweeney, Chairman of ANS, a cloud service provider. See the full ANS story HERE.

Watch a demo of Microsoft Dynamics AI for Sales HERE

Fullscope, an Alithya company, has helped many organisations to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and realise the benefits that analytics and business intelligence can bring.



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