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Discrete Manufacturers: Your Competition Is Probably Using Better Technology Than You

By Steve Sanderson | May 23, 2018

Technology is advancing every day and so are many companies who are embracing this transformation. Discrete manufacturers whose products are largely driven by the construction market face similar business and production challenges, but how they manage them can differ vastly. Digital transformation with cloud software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers keep up with ever-growing industry complexities and competition, as well as tackle the demanding tasks that come along with it. 

5 reasons you should integrate new technology into your manufacturing company:

  1. Increased Operational Speed and Flexibility
    • Manufacturers have the ability to support multiple manufacturing modes including configure-to-order, engineered, repetitive and mixed mode environments (both process and discrete). Additionally, gain the ability to implement best practices and streamline processes to help increase efficiency.
  2. Support Lean and Other Optimization Initiatives
    • Initiatives like eliminating waste and non-value activities. Gain insight into costs and efficient processes and better understand production schedules, capacity loadings shop floor activities and production costs.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity and Communication
    • Stay on top of jobs by sharing real-time information about specifications and order status among key departments and trading partners
  4. Resonate with Millennials
    • Skills are growing among millennials and so are their interests in updated technology. Companies need to attract talented employees and that cannot happen with outdated systems.
  5. Stay ahead of the Competition – or at least with the competition, because most are implementing these initiatives.

Check out our fact sheet for Discrete Manufacturers, and contact us to learn more about how Fullscope can help implement an ERP system that works for you.

About Steve Sanderson

A senior account executive at Fullscope, Steve has over 30 years of experience providing solutions to the operational challenges of manufacturing businesses and has spent 12 years with a Fortune 200 Building Products Manufacturer.


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