Customer Experience – The Brand Differentiator

Customer Experience – The Brand Differentiator

A recent survey found that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.*

Organizations empowered by intelligent customer service increase advocacy and loyalty to their brands by creating effortless experiences that are a natural extension of the way people engage day to day.

Companies are challenged by higher than ever expectations from their customers, 66% of customers expect a response the same day, 43% within an hour. Customers are very vocal on social media if their expectations are not met.

Delighting a customer at every interaction can only be managed by a company that has full visibility and access to the data about that customer and their interactions with your company at their fingertips in order to satisfy these customer expectations.

The challenge is that you need more data to help them and they need more data to satisfy themselves. 

Cloud-based CRM can help you to meet customer expectations, placing Cloud CRM at the heart of your organization is critical.

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