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CRM Upskilling: Frontline Action Needed To Retain Professional Services Staff

By Donna Coxon | December 6, 2017

“Weaponise your workforce!”  As 2018 approaches, it’s a call to arms increasingly heard as the key to keeping frontline staff empowered, happy and loyal. Particularly in Professional Services, where often silo’d supply lines of data prevent advancement across the newly reshaped fields of customer experience. The action required is hardly “Top Secret” but there’s often many companies where the message seems not to have got through - and action not yet taken to make the changes necessary for retaining their staff.

In one major area of professional services, recent figures reveal that nearly half (46 per cent) of tax managers believe that “retention of staff will be the biggest challenge they face in the next 12 months”. (Brewer Morris Salary Survey, 2017/18). In fact, more than eight in ten organisations say they faced difficulties in retaining one or more categories of staff in 2016, according to the CIPD Resourcing and Talent Planning Report, 2017. However, the survey also found that following the UK’s decision to leave the EU in June 2016, more than 1 in 4 (26 per cent) organisations report “a greater emphasis on developing existing staff” while 1 in 5 (21 per cent), now admit caution in recruiting.

Perception of not having the necessary in house staff resources

Recognising the issue of employment satisfaction is just the starting-point. But how many companies are yet to catch up and really understand the action they need to take now in 2017/18 to ensure their workforce stays onboard and motivated? There appears to still be an old fashioned barrier to be crossed. Companies can typically persist in their perception of not having the necessary in-house staff resources and technology tools needed to perform CRM tasks now expected by their increasingly multichannel, inter-connected customers.

They often fail to see that CRM success with operating 360 customer engagement and interaction begins with enabling CRM right across their own company infrastructure and workforce departments. Implementing CRM technology and digital upskilling transforms individual organisational silos. Company executives gain instant skill-set leverage to know exactly “what they are working on” and “whether they can be reallocated to another task that is more pressing”. The new Fullscope whitepaper highlights the benefits and cost efficiencies of upskilling current employees rather than simply recruiting for new employees offering latest digital skills, free download here.

About Donna Coxon

Donna has an extensive track record as a functional software consultant, working with various CRM solutions since 1999. Having worked as a Technical Consultant, Business Analyst, Training Consultant, Project Manager and Professional Services Manager, Donna has a vast experience of software implementations across a wide range of industry sectors. Donna is a Solution Architect who enjoys showcasing how Dynamics 365 can help organizations grow.


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