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Business Process Modeler: Visio Flows

By Ginger Griffith | October 9, 2018

In our previous blog, Business Process Modeler Structure, we discussed what the BPM was and the first layer of the BPM structure. As a quick recap, some of the tips of the first layer that were mentioned included: managing libraries, determining user experience and importing business processes.

Now let’s discuss some tips and tricks for the second layer of the Business Process Modeler: Visio Flows.

BPM Structure_Visio Flows_Layer2

Visio Flows

  • Upload Visio flows as needed to supplement system generated flows.


  • You can upload Visio flows at any level of the BPM, it does not need to be the lowest business process or task level. In fact, it is often a better Visio diagram if it represents a higher level business process instead of just the flow of one task.

  • Only one Visio flow is stored, uploading a second Visio flow overwrites the first. Remember Visio flows are currently only accessible from the BPM.  The Flows are not accessible from within D365.

 plan-to-produce production order stages

Take a look at the next blog in this series that will discuss some tips and tricks to the next layer in the Business Process Modeler: Task recordings / Word documents.


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