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Business Process Modeler: Task recordings / Word documents

By Traci Didonna | October 12, 2018

In our previous blog, Business Process Modeler: Visio Flows we discussed the second layer of the BPM structure. As a quick recap, there were several useful tips mentioned surrounding uploading and storing Visio flows.

Now let’s discuss some tips and tricks for the next layer of the Business Process Modeler: Task recordings / Word documents.

BPM Structure_Task Recordings and Documents_Layer3

  • You must install Chrome extension (D365 for Finance and Operations Task Recorder) to create task recording if you desire screenshots to be captured within your generated word documents. Select Yes for “Capture screenshots” when creating a new Task recorder recording.
  • D365 for Finance and Operations Task Recorder         D365 for Fiance and Operations Task Recorder Creating a New Task
  • Start and end task recorder from the main home page / default dashboard.


  • Practice your process first before recording and close all Fast Tabs prior to recording. Remember that all “clicks” are recorded and random clicks cause havoc when the task guides are run.


  • Ensure that recording captures all navigating to menu options, expanding of Fast Tabs and choosing ribbon actions.

  • Select data from dropdowns, do not enter specific data when possible.  (Note: Relative data choices are saved.)  D365 for Fiance and Operations Task Recording How to Remember that task recordings are environment-independent. This means that most likely the task recording will be utilized in an environment different from which it was created in, so keep that in mind as you are creating the task recordings.


  • If data is entered, the data is saved so be aware of privacy concerns.


  • Be sure to save generated Word Documents with screenshots to an accessible location. This extremely useful document is not connected directly to the BPM and can be lost if not saved appropriately. In our organization, we create a client SharePoint site and we save off all task recordings (files with the “AXTR” extension) and all Generated Word Documents with Screenshots.  We name the task recording and subsequently the word document the same name as the BPM task name.  After we create a task recorder, we do all three of these options.  We “Save to PC” to have an extra copy of the AXTR file.  We “Save to Lifecycle Services” to attach it to the appropriately place in the BPM Library.  We “Export to Word document” and save this off as well.  The Word document is difficult and time consuming to recreate at a later time.

  • Ensure the desired company is chosen before opening the task recorder. The task recorder does not recognize a change in company so problems will occur with the recording if you change the company after you open the task recorder.

Take a look at the next blog in this series that will discuss some tips and tricks to the next layer in the Business Process Modeler: Task Guides 


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