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Business Applications October 18 Release: Unified Interface Updates

By Mary Bradley | November 12, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) provides a new responsive unified interface that allows users to have a rich unified user experience across all devices, PowerApps and D365. This consistent user experience that D365 delivers, lets users update and view records across all entities and provides interactive dashboards for viewing and drilling into the same information needed across the board. The unified interface is the runtime for every model driven experience as far as the CDS or power driven platform.  Additionally, mobile and outlook mail app run on Unified Interface -- UI powers Mobile, outlook and Web browser. Note, that Web Client will be deprecated by Microsoft in the future and make Unified Interface the primary experience for all model driven apps.

Take a look at what’s new with Dynamics 365’s Unified Interface:

  • The Omni-channel Engagement Hub
    • A cloud based service that allows your business to instantly connect and engage with customers via live chat and SMS. The application allows agents to interact with customers across several different channels using the Unified Interface.


  • Customer Service Admin Updates
    • Customer service admins can now access configurations from inside the application which is built on the unified interface. Because it’s built on the Unified Interface the new service management helps to easily configure service tasks which allows for increased productivity.


  • Unified Service Desk
    • This tool provides a configurable framework for building applications for call center agents to get a unified view of customer data within D365. This application is built on the Unified Interface framework.


  • Customers for D365 for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service can now use the Unified Interface for an adaptable, and responsive user experience.


  • Faster Loading Model-Driven Apps
    • Users will see improved performance on Internet explorer 11 and Edge browsers with Unified Interface.


  • Entities Added to the Unified Interface
    • End users can use record types such as Teams on Unified Interface.
    • Access to team capabilities will be honored during Unified Interface runtime. Users can share records across functional teams without having to modify or update based on security models.


  • Admin Experience Available in Unified Interface
    • Administration can now access content and links needed from Unified Interface, as well as accessing the PowerApps admin center.


Stay tuned for part 3 in this 2018 Business Applications new releases blog series, Marketing

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