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Business Applications October 18 Release: PowerApps

By David Greene | October 30, 2018

Microsoft’s PowerApps is a service that allows you to create an app with ease and deliver value to your business with it.  The apps that are created can then be run on a browser, phone or tablet with zero coding experience required. This new release will be provide updates for these four areas: app makers, app consumers, admins and ISVs.

Take a look at what’s new for PowerApps:

  • Continued innovation for app makers
    • The updates will enable a broad set of use cases for productivity apps
      • Improved help for access users
      • Opting into new features
      • Inline help for creating accessible apps
      • Choosing your own app size
      • Embed applications on SharePoint pages using a PowerApps web part
      • PowerApps can create mashup apps with SharePoint Document libraries
      • Create Power BI reports using data in the common data service for apps
      • Support for customer messages
      • New model driven form designer preview

  • Improvements for end-user experience
    • Improved app discovery for app consumers
    • Improved speed
    • Faster loading for model driven apps
    • PowerApps forms in SharePoint are faster
    • Dynamics 365 mobile support email login
    • Additional entities added to the modified interface
    • Access Teams on Unified Interface
    • More reliable Outlook Client for common data service

  • Better updates for administrators
    • PowerApps supports Intune
    • Control availability of user experiences on Unified Interface
    • Admin experience available for Unified Interface
    • New admin analytics report

Stay tuned for part 3 in this 2018 Business Applications new releases blog series, Unified Interface

The Microsoft PowerApps framework gives you options beyond the classic “build versus buy” paradigm, with a framework your company may already own and have expertise in. Watch this webinar, An Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps that will provide an overview and demo of this framework.

An Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps


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