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Business Applications October 18 Release: Portals

By Art Small | November 27, 2018

Dynamics 365 Portals enables users to extend features and functions of D365 to customers improving user experience and customer service.  There have been major investments made with this new October 18’ release that will aid in diagnosing portal settings and customization. Additionally, there have been investments in integrating the portal with other Microsoft services.

Take a look at these highlighted updates for October 18 release updates: Portals

  • Configuration migration

The new release will provide several configurations and customizations to achieve desired experiences for portal end users.

  • Embed Power BI visualizations

Administrators will be able to configure and enable Power BI for a portal in order to receive insights with simple and interactive visualization.

  • Restrict portal access by IP address

Restrict access to their portals from certain IP addresses for added security measures.

  • Manage SharePoint documents

This feature extends document management capabilities of Dynamics 365 applications to portals, providing a consistent experience and allowing customers to leverage their existing investments in SharePoint with Dynamics 365 for document management.

  • Simplified customization

Lowered learning curve for portal customization which will lead to increased user productivity.

  • Self-service portal diagnostics

Better resolve issues using self-service diagnostic capabilities.  

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