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Warm Up your Cold Calls with CRM and Social Media

Warm Up your Cold Calls with CRM and Social Media

For filling your sales pipeline, does the thought of placing cold calls make you cringe? In recent years cold calling has become a bit of a dirty word. Nobody likes making cold calls. Nobody wants to receive cold calls. So… stop making cold calls! Before calling anyone, follow a few simple steps and warm up the calls. Placing warm calls is much more effective and you'll see a much higher return for your efforts.

How to Warm Up your Cold Calls

  1. Start with Great Software - use an Industry Leading* CRM solution, such as Dynamics CRM Online
  2. Add Powerful Plug-ins - Integrate an Intelligence solution, such as InsideView. Create targeted watch lists which will inform you of any news, social buzz or PR released by the companies on your list.
  3. Research the Company - Use Social Media to read industry news and company announcements. What are they sharing? Why is it relevant?
  4. Profile the Contact - Find social media accounts of the individual you are going to call – gain insight about their role, the groups they've joined, what they share, and who they are connected with that may be relevant to your call.
  5. Place a Warm Call - Use this knowledge to place a meaningful call by relating the conversation to what they and their company have publicly shared. Listen for queues on how that news leads to challenges and needs. Offer to help them achieve their goals with your product or solution.

By knowing what's relevant and meaningful to the person you are calling you'll be able to place warm calls instead of cold ones. To hear more about best practices and see how Dynamics CRM helps to improve sales processes please contact us so we can hear about your specific needs and offer you ways to overcome your obstacles.

*Source: Gartner Group – Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, July 15, 2014

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