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Using CRM to improve Customer Service experience

Using CRM to improve Customer Service experience

We are all guilty of demanding very high customer service whether that be in the coffee shop or from your service provider, but are you delivering exceptional customer experiences to your customers in your workplace?

Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM already or not I've written this article to help you explore some of the useful ways that customer service teams can use CRM to answer the challenges of managing the high expectations of your customers. So a couple of questions for you.....

Could your service team benefit from:

  • Creating cases straight from email
  • A business process flow to allow a standardized approach to resolve cases
  • Manage multi channel social communications
  • Knowledge based articles available in CRM to help them resolve cases
  • Using CRM while mobile
  • Collaboration with other divisions in the business

We have created an online demo which will begin by looking at the Customer Service dashboard in Dynamics CRM. We will show you some of the records that Customer Service teams may be interested in monitoring, such as; Cases by SLA/Mix/Resolution, cases by type/outcome and selecting and managing cases based on need. 

If you would like to take a more personal approach to customer engagement and improve the visibility and levels of customer service across your organization, CRM for Customer Service could be the answer. Learn more today by reaching out to us HERE

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