Updated Solution Release: Radius Mapping Version 2.0.1 and Fullscope Chart Maps for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Updated Solution Release: Radius Mapping Version 2.0.1 and Fullscope Chart Maps for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Radius Mapping Solution improves the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) "out of the box" experience by allowing easy display of related entities on a visual map based on radius from a source record. For example, an Account record could have a map on the form which displays all Contacts within a twenty mile radius of that Account.

Example Use Cases

  • Scenario 1: Users want to be able to open an account and see all the contacts in CRM that are within 50 miles of this Account. Radius Mapping allows a map to be embedded in the form which shows this, allowing the user to identify other Contacts that might be worth visiting or that would be within a certain distance of this account for visit or logistics planning purposes.

  • Scenario 2: Users want to look at existing Accounts in CRM that are within 100 miles of a Lead. In his scenario an inside sales person could better gauge if this lead might be higher priority as it is geographically close to some existing accounts and to an outside sales rep that can effectively build a relationship with them.

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Interested in how you can implement this solution for your organization?

Reach out to us or find out more about the solution through your Account Director.

About the Release

Fullscope has released version 2.0.0 of the Radius Mapping Solution, available at no cost to clients with current maintenance agreements for this solution.

To support the solution going forward, we have also developed an in-house Chart Maps solution, removing the need to rely on any third party software

Improvements in version 2.0.1 include:

  • Updated to CRM 9.0 (Dynamics 365).
  • Removed dependency on third party Chart Maps.
  • Added in-house Chart Map solution.
  • Added Bing Maps API Key solution.
  • Improved and clarified upgrade path versus clean install path solutions.

Installation Notes

Please log an Adopt2Win ticket to request the latest solution file and assistance upgrading.

Support and issue reporting for this solution is handled via the Adopt2Win portal. The Adopt2Win solution support area can be access here. If you have a current maintenance agreement but do not have an Adopt2Win login, please contact your account director or contact us here.

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