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Top Signs of Successful Account Management

Top Signs of Successful Account Management

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In such a highly competitive business world it is paramount that B2B companies are successful at account management to ensure long term, healthy revenue streams. Before developing a plan and providing more focus on account management you need to understand how well you are doing currently. Once you have a plan and a way to measure results you’ll need a properly configured dashboard in your CRM highlighting your progress. Even before you have the hard evidence to review, there are still several indicators you can turn to as confirmation of your account management effectiveness.

Top Signs you’re doing a Great Job with Account Management

  • New Customers via Word of Mouth – if, as part of your new sales efforts, you discover that new customers found out about you from current customers, that’s an indication that you are doing a great job in keeping your customer base happy.
  • High Renewal Rates – if you offer a service that requires a term contract, how often do your customers sign on for an additional term? Knowing the renewal rate will provide invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your account management efforts.
  • Customers buy Other Products or Add-On Products – do you have any initiatives to drive upsells and cross-sells to your customers? This too can be measured and is another way to understand your account management efficacy.
  • Your Company or Product is Popular in Social Media – if you are receiving unsolicited public praise from customers announcing how pleased they are being your customer there’s nothing better for an account manager to leverage when asking for repeat business.

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Better Account Management: How to Plan, Profile and Profit using Dynamics CRM
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