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Take Two Minutes: Sales Projects

Apr 13, 2015 8:00 PM

April Blog Series: Spring Cleaning

Insights from:  Wendell Simmons (Product Management at Fullscope) and Ashley Kleeman (Fullscope Microsoft CRM Business Analyst)

B2B sales cycles are becoming longer and more complex as competition expands. The level of detail and effort required involves more steps, communications, and resources. Many sales organizations still expect the account manager to micro-manage ever growing ad-hoc "Deal Teams" to keep the sale on track to closure.  But the reality is that modern B2B sale cycles are multi-faceted sales projects and the account manager is the project manager.  And the simple Opportunity record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is inadequate to support the process. Acknowledging that sales should be treated and managed as projects doesn't imply that tools like Microsoft Project are the go-to solutions. These tools are designed for a different kind of project. But the familiar CRM Opportunity can be configured to provide sales with many project management benefits.

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