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Edgewater Fullscope Blog

Take Two Minutes: Smarter Lead Assignments

May 25, 2015 8:00 PM

May Blog Series: A Recipe for…

Insights from:  Wendell Simmons (Product Management at Fullscope) and Ashley Kleeman (Fullscope Microsoft CRM Business Analyst)​

Microsoft Dynamics CRM lives at the heart of most sales pipeline processes, the place where suspects turn into possibilities, and hopefully real customers. Leads are the sales process fuel and lead-qualification is the catalyst that drives the engine. Many organizations struggle with the simplistic Lead to Opportunity model in CRM because the "Marketing Lead" to "Sales Lead" concept is missing, often creating chaos as Marketing and Sales teams collide in the lead bucket.

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Believe It: Dynamics CRM Online Just Got Even Easier to Use with Carina Release

May 18, 2015 8:00 PM

May Blog Series: A Recipe For…​

Insights From: Art Small (Fullscope Solution Architect)

The spring release of Carina for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 is here, and its new features will help make the daily roles of manufacturing sales, marketing and service people easier by providing more control over account activities, records, organization and collaboration. Let's take a closer look at the new features for each role:

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Top 7 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Features for Manufacturers

May 6, 2015 8:00 PM

May Blog Series: A Recipe For…

Insights From: Art Small (Fullscope CRM Solutions Consultant)

The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 gives manufacturers even greater visibility into operations. It adds more built-in features and reduces the need to buy third party software or conduct custom work.  

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Take Two Minutes: Sales Projects

Apr 13, 2015 8:00 PM

April Blog Series: Spring Cleaning

Insights from:  Wendell Simmons (Product Management at Fullscope) and Ashley Kleeman (Fullscope Microsoft CRM Business Analyst)

B2B sales cycles are becoming longer and more complex as competition expands. The level of detail and effort required involves more steps, communications, and resources. Many sales organizations still expect the account manager to micro-manage ever growing ad-hoc "Deal Teams" to keep the sale on track to closure.  But the reality is that modern B2B sale cycles are multi-faceted sales projects and the account manager is the project manager.  And the simple Opportunity record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is inadequate to support the process. Acknowledging that sales should be treated and managed as projects doesn't imply that tools like Microsoft Project are the go-to solutions. These tools are designed for a different kind of project. But the familiar CRM Opportunity can be configured to provide sales with many project management benefits.

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Benefits of Role Tailored ERP & CRM Systems

Mar 30, 2015 8:00 PM

March Blog Series: Connectivity

Insights from: Jim Wright (Fullscope Director of Technology)

Manufacturing professionals navigate a great deal of data every day, and a role-tailored ERP or CRM system that fits individual needs can help make daily operations run smoother. Whether a role requires Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, effective communication is essential within each department and across the organization. The EDGE Connector, developed by Fullscope, provides a standard interface between Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and Dynamics CRM 2013 and above that helps cross-organization communication run efficiently. 

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Manufacturers Stay Connected: Mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Feb 23, 2015 7:00 PM

February Blog Series: Tools We Love

Insights from: Art Small (Fullscope CRM Solutions Consultant) and CIO Article (8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015)

The recent CIO article 8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015 by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff predicts that the increasingly mobile workforce will require enterprise CRM solutions that suit its on-the-go needs. 

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States Look to the Cloud for More Revenue in 2015

Jan 21, 2015 7:00 PM

January Blog Series: New & Best Practices

Insights from: Avalara 

This week's post features our partner Avalara, who offers end-to-end sales tax compliance software, all in the cloud. Avalara helps provide fast, easy, accurate, affordable and reliable rate calculation, certificate management and filing.

Reposted from Avalara.com

With over 12,000 jurisdictions in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands of rule changes annually, sales tax is a moving target in the best of times. Managing sales tax accurately requires a level of expertise many companies simply don't possess. And 2015 is shaping up to be an even thornier year for sales tax compliance. 

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