Snowball Challenge

Snowball Challenge

One of our clients have thought up a brilliant way to incorporate the Christmas spirit into driving their end users into updating and enriching data in D365 CRM. In our monthly session together back in October, yes I know we shouldn’t be talking about Christmas in October, we were talking about ways to get adoption and to get end users to make sure their data is correct, up to date and all the information they know has been completed in CRM, therefore we flippantly discussed incorporating a Christmas challenge and incentive to drive people into the system and to also get people to review and improve the account data that they have a relationship with. In the next monthly session we had together the admin team, along with Leadership team communicating out the “Christmas Challenge” and incentives, demonstrated their unique way to bring a bit of fun and internal office competition into updating data in CRM with a Christmassy feel to the whole experience.

Now this client is super competitive, even throughout the project the Core Team were focused on who came out top on the homework front and that they scored a 10 out of 10 for their Core Team End to End solution review, therefore this competition will no doubt be interesting to see the results at the end of December. Since going live with the “Christmas Challenge” a couple of days ago, 13 accounts have already been fully updated with 57 snowballs thrown, surely the London office don’t want the Manchester office (AKA “The North”) to win this competition. Take a look below at what is involved in building this into your CRM environment.

So what configurations are required for the “Snowball challenge”

You will be glad to hear that it is all just standard functionality, no development involved at all and it only took the CRM admin team a day to build and push into production. What it involves at a high level is the following:

 Change to the Theme to incorporate Christmas colours throughout CRM (red and green) and a Christmassy feel logo

  1. New entity called the “Christmas Challenge” which holds the following fields:
    1. Snowball Held By (owner field)
    2. Last Thrown On (date)
    3. Times thrown (number)

2. On the record you would like to get adopted or enriched there are 3 system views (i.e. you are wanting your users to update specific fields on the Accounts).

      1. Accounts to update (this view is to be determined by you as to the rules which show accounts not fully updated, so you build those fields in to the view query)
      2. The “Accounts to update” view is then an editable grid on the Christmas Challenge record
      3. Accounts being worked on
      4. Accounts completed (this shows accounts where all the data that you have stipulated as being needed has been completed.

    4. There is then a Workflow which runs on the “Christmas Challenge” record which once you have updated your account the user then assigns the challenge          to another member of the team by using the standard “Assign” record button. This workflow then increments the “Times thrown” field and sends an                email to the person they have nominated from the “CRM Elves” telling them they have been assigned the snowball to continue. 

Do you have any fun, festive or creative ways you have incorporated into driving adoption and updating/enriching data in CRM? If so, feel free to share those stories with us as we love to hear and share creative ways to help our clients achieve success with CRM.

Seasons Greetings from Fullscope. 

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