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Simple Social Media Rules for Businesses to Follow

Simple Social Media Rules for Businesses to Follow

Over the past decade, the adoption of Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has exploded. Today, interacting on Social Media is a common as making a phone call or sending an email. Nearly 95% of businesses are using social media as a way to communicate industry news, company announcements and strengthen their overall brands. As a business, how can you be sure you are doing it correctly?

Simple Social Media Rules for Businesses

  • Be a Person – Generally, people prefer to interact with other people versus a corporate entity. Unless your brand is a household name or has a cult following, you're better off focusing on one-to-one personal interactions.
  • Be Authentic – The classic advice of "just be yourself" applies to social media interactions as well as in real life. It's ok to express an opinion and to keep your in content in layman's terms.
  • Be Interactive – Don't just push content one way. If you want others to follow you and share your content, you need to do the same.
  • Be Helpful – By providing free, fresh, relevant content for your social media audience you'll build trust and increase the likelihood that someone will come to you when they need to buy what you offer.

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